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New York is extremely lonely. I'm lonely. Yet, I don't want to be around certain people or anyone for that matter. Being around people makes me feel so isolated from what's important. But, what is important? I don't really care about going out and having a hundred people say hello to me. I don't care about networking. I don't care about how many followers I have on twitter. Or, how many facebook friends I have. None of that really matters to me. I guess it's a bittersweet realization that all I do have is my art.

What an interesting year this has been. It was depressing and great at the same time. No in-betweens. My energy has been directed towards California lately. The last time I was in California I was in completely and artistically in love. I miss the hell out of my ex. I don't speak of her as just a girlfriend or someone I was just intimate with. She was my best friend. I don't use that term lightly. I often times find it difficult to communicate with people. The only way I can fully express myself is through photography. She was so creative, stubborn, caring, and passionate. A mirror image of myself. As much as I am a firm believer of love and what it can do for the world. I understand why people are so angry when they lose it. It hurts. A lot.

However, if you don't have an outlet I think you are screwed. I feel sorry for anyone that doesn't have an outlet. I don't know how you guys stay balanced in this world.

LA, California 2008

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Brooklyn Bridge at 6am a week and a half ago

There has been a lot of death going on this week. On my way home from a shoot today, I saw someone get shot five times. By time the cops came, his soul jumped out of his body and he passed on to the other side. For some reason, this shot reminded me of death and the afterlife.

It's life. I guess.

RIP King..

a very sad moment in music history. the best entertainer of all time.. what a title to have in life.. and boy, did he live up to that title.